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◎片  名 恶意小镇 A Town Called Malice

◎年  代 2023

◎产  地 英国

◎类  别 犯罪

◎语  言 英语

◎主  演 

◎简  介

The series follows a family of South London gangsters – the Lords - who realise that fleeing to the Costa Del Sol might, in fact, present a golden opportunity to reinvent themselves. However, in this series full of romance, obsession, violence, deceit, and swagger, the Lords spend as much time battling each other as they do their opponents.

该系列讲述了南伦敦黑帮家族 - 上议院 - 他们意识到逃往太阳海岸实际上可能提供重塑自我的黄金机会。然而,在这个充满浪漫、痴迷、暴力、欺骗和狂妄自大的系列中,领主们在与对手的战斗中花费了很多时间。

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